Wednesday, January 22, 2014

13 of 16

Lexi is doing awesome on her sleep.  She's slept through 13 nights of the 16 there have been since we started the whole calendar sticker thing.  13 nights of uninterrupted sleep! 

She's very proud of herself and takes it hard when she doesn't get a sticker in the morning.  But it's a good lesson in "everyone fails at some point" and to keep trying and not give up.  I tell her every morning that I'm proud of her...regardless of it's a sticker morning or not.  She's really trying hard. 

I'm loving the loft bed too.  All her toys are concealed behind the curtain in bins.  She pulls them out to play...but takes the time to put them away...and she thinks it's FUN to put them away!  I'm not sure how long THAT will last...but I'm taking it. 

I won tickets from Sam's Blog to Disney on Ice!  We were debating on going this year...and I hadn't bought tickets yet.  So the win came at a great time!  This will be our 3rd year attending...and Lexi can't wait!

We're also planning a road trip to Virginia this summer to see my sister.  I wanted to go up to Erie and then to Niagara Falls...but maybe we'll do a long weekend for that.  Anyone have any suggestions on best time to head that way?  Ahem...Ike's mom? 


Anonymous said...

YAY Lexi!

Familyofthree said...

Ahem, I will assume you mean me. LOL. We're in Pittsburgh which is about 90 minutes south of Erie...but if you go you had better plan on spending a day here! It's very pretty in the spring. CROWDED during the summer. I'd say if you want to avoid crowds that your best bet would be in May or September--if you're going to do the beach be forewarned they do NOT allow any personal floating devices except life preservers.