Monday, September 30, 2013

11 days

In 2009, when Lexi was 5 months old, we drove to PA to visit some family.  We went wine tasting in NorthEast and then went up to Niagara Falls. 

In 2010, we drove up to Wisconsin Dells for a long weekend.  Lexi was about 16 months old.

In 2011, we didn't go anywhere.

In 2012, we went to a local resort for another long weekend.  We went to an indoor waterpark and indoor amusement park, went antiqueing and had dinner at a riverfront restaurant.

Now, in 11 days to be exact...we will be taking Lexi on her first ever plane ride.  We're heading off to see the House that Walt built.  Excited does not even cover the realm of emotions I'm feeling.  We've kept this a secret from Lexi since the initial planning stages began back in January.  And she won't be told until 2 days before we leave.  I'm excited to tell her.  We've been using TinkerBell as a means to try to move her back into her own bedroom...telling her that Tink comes, but because she isn't in her room, Tink can't find her.  And if Tink can't find her...she can't tell Cinderella and all the other princesses that Lexi wants to visit DisneyWorld.  And you know, you can't visit without an invitation from Cinderella.

Anyway, it's worked in that she at least starts in her room, but usually still wakes a few hours later and makes her way into our room.  She's not yet slept a whole night in her room.  Every morning she wakes up and tells me that Tink didn't come.  And I tell her that Tink may have come...but after Lexi had already left her room.  She's been a little defeated lately, so today I told her that I would call Tink and tell her that Lexi really is trying, and how proud I am that she is.  That cheered her up.

So next week, a "package" will be delivered to Lexi from Cinderella.  It contains the below wording:

Pack your bags, get ready to go.  You're off on an advenure, to a place you might know.  It's home to Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Goofy too.  Cinderella and Belle and too many more to tell you.  Have you guessed where you're going?  Do you have any clue?  Open your package and your mom and dad will tell you!  Love, Mickey and the Gang!

Her package contains 2 new dresses, an autograph book, our MagicBands, our luggage tags and the itineraries that arrived today.  I'm hoping that she gets it and will be excited.  I know I am.

The other thing I'm so excited about is experiencing WDW with her.  When I was last there, back in 2001, I remember feeling so nostalgic.  Of being overwhelmed by the emotion of wanting to one day, bring my child there.  I thought infertility was going to rob me of that opportunity.  But it didn't.  We fought through and came out on the other side.  Battered and bruised but with Lexi in our arms.  I know that I'm going to be overcome with emotions...heck, watching Tarzan with her yesterday caused tears to well up...but I hope that we make memories with her that will stay with her.