Friday, July 29, 2011

Call out for intel from my East Coast readers

I'm not sure where everyone is located...but any readers in the Virginia area? 

My little sister just got offered a teaching job at the Dahlgren Naval Base.  We're in Illinois.  Any intel on neighborhoods to "stay away from"?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not much going on

The heat has been killer here.  It was 109.9 last Thursday night at 5:30 in the the shade....and that doesn't take the humidity into consideration.  So because of the heat, we haven't been doing much.  Lexi had a fever on Friday night (104 rectally) and was attached to my hip on Saturday.  But we had family come in from PA and that seemed to perk her up.  Last night was spent with family and friends sitting on a deck enjoying some low humidity temps.  Hope your summer is looking good!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Regression and Being Green

My "big" girl seems to have regressed a little into my baby.  First, I will fully admit that Lexi still drinks her milk from a bottle.  We've tried moving her to a cup, but she's NOT having it.  She drinks everything else from either a regular cup, or a sippy, so I know she's capable.  However, she absolutely refuses to drink her milk from a cup.  I think it has to do with her linking the bottle to "comfort".  Anywoo, I'm hoping that "school" on Mondays will assist us in breaking the bottle habit.  So we deal with about 3 bottles a day.  Mostly 2.  One in the morning when she wakes, and one right before bed at night.  Sometimes there is one in the afternoon if she's been especially henious, but most days it's just 2.  But lately, she also refuses to hold the bottle herself.  She wants mommy to "old it" while she snuggles up in my lap.  I'm not sure if I should indulge her or not.  Some days I do, and others I don't.  When I don't, we end up with a crying child...not angry cry, but "my world is ending because you don't love me enough to hold my bottle cry" that breaks my heart.  We're potty training as well.  Is this her way of trying to stay a baby while she's in the midst of such a "big girl" milestone?  Assvice?


We live in a newer community that has an association.  In our neighborhood by-laws, we aren't allowed to have a clothes line in the back yard.  I hate that I have to dry my clothes in the dryer all the time.  My laundry room is small...just enough room for the washer/dryer and that's about it.  It's also on the first floor of my house, not in the basement.  Anyone have any suggestions for how I can use my dryer less, while still adhearing to the neighborhood "rule" (which by the way, I think really sucks ass.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation in photos

4th of July...showing her American Pride!

Swimming for the first time all by herself in grandma's pool!

She loved her cupcake!

Playing Doctor at the Zoo

First baseball game!

After the game with Daddy!

Before the game...showing her SOX pride!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The hubs and I have been on vacation this past week.  It's been wonderful.  A short synopsis of what we've been up to (pictures will follow when I get my USB cable from upstairs...I'm too lazy right now)

Sunday - Waterpark with Auntie Bridget and Uncle Joe.  Lexi had a great time...fell asleep on the lounge chair about 3 and slept till after 4.  She looked so cute!

Monday - Holiday party at the IL's.  Lexi swam for the first time all by herself (she had swimmies on her arms!) and loved the freedom!

Tuesday - Poker night for me.  Took 3rd

Wednesday - Zoo with the grandparents.  Saw the lions get "fed".  Though it was more like a snack.

Thursday - Lexi's first baseball game...Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins.  We lost.  Lexi loved it though.  She received a certificate for her first game from guest relations!

Friday - Date night with the hubs.  Dinner at our fave Italian place, movie (Bridesmaids)...then we decided to go to the casino and play some Hold Em in their poker room.  I tripled up.  It was a great night!

Saturday - RELAX AT HOME

Today - laundry, grocery shopping, swimming at the IL's later, getting Lexi's stuff ready for school*

*We lost our childcare on Monday' MIL got a job (good for her, bad for me) we had to find something FAST.  Luckily I had 3 options.  2 centers and 1 home daycare.  We went to look at all three on Tuesday.  We threw out one center (HELLO $100 registration fee, and just felt like it was a kids warm fuzzies) almost immediately. 

The home daycare option was the least expensive ($25 for the day)...but Lexi would only be with one other child, would have to sleep in a pack n play in a room alone, and there is no backup if this lady or her kids get sick. 

The center we chose was reasonable ($42 for the day).  Lexi would be with about 8 other kids...they sleep on cots...and it's more of a school setting.  That was the biggest factor.  Since she starts pre-school next year, we want to get her ready for the school setting as much as we can.  So she starts tomorrow.  I think she'll love it.  At least I hope she does!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


So as you can see by my ticker on the sidebar, I've lost 6lbs in the last 5 weeks.  6.4 actually, but the ticker doesn't include the ounces.  Things have been getting easier...or so I thought.  Food choices are getting easier to make.  I regularly decline sweets and fattening foods and don't feel like I'm missing out.  I've been cooking dinner at home every night (except Thursday, when we had Chinese...HELLO sodium!) and been choosing water as my drink of choice.  I also exercised 4 out of 5 days so far.  My walks are slowly getting longer and I'm getting a faster pace.  I'm not as winded right away and my legs don't burn early on anymore. 

But then Thursday came...and it was HOT here.  There is no shade in my new community so walks are in direct sun.  So instead of walking I decided to bust out the 30 Day Shred and head to my basement where it was nice and cool.  Let me tell you...the warm ups had me winded.  Jumping jacks?  Ha...I have a large chest (like DD) so those were not fun.  Push ups?  Yea...had to do them the "girl" way.  I didn't make it through the whole thing.  Only through the 2nd circuit.  I was bummed. 

Friday I HURT!  It hurt to hurt to sit.  So instead of torturing myself again, I went for a walk.  And felt every calorie that I burned.  I will continue with the 30DS...just at my pace.  I'm so happy to have inspired 2 bloggy friends to start the Shred.  I hope they will keep me motivated and I can provide them some motivation as well.

Overall, the last 5 weeks haven't been bliss...but I'm seeing results.  6.4lbs is gone...and I know I've lost inches as my pants are falling down now (Side story...I went to a bridal shower last weekend and pulled out my dress pants that I haven't worn since starting to work from home in March...and they were TOO BIG.)  I didn't measure until 4 weeks in (OMG are my thighs really THAT big??!!) so I have another 3 weeks before I measure again. 


Lexi is doing awesome.  We've closed her speech therapy case.  This past Thursday was her last session.  Her ST actually said that Lexi is advanced now...and was shocked when Lexi used the work "Amazing" to describe som toy the ST had.  I'm so happy to have gotten her the help she needed...she obviously a smart cookie and this just helped bring it to the surface!