Thursday, October 27, 2011

November 7th

Received my orders from my PCP for some additional views of my left breast as well as an ultrasound...but in talking to my mom, she reminded me of something that I didn't even think of.  I have a mole on the underside of my left breast...and I didn't mention it to the tech who did my mammogram.  I didn't even think to mention it.  She said that most likely, the density that was seen is the mole.  I can hope. 

I go November 7th for the additional tests...and I will be sure to mention my mole at that point.


Lexi is hacking cough sick.  No fever though.  She is definitely congested.  She woke up last night and only wanted her mommy and her medicine.  I found some cough syrup that is safe for 2 year olds...I don't have the bottle in front of me so I can't recall the she got 1tsp of that and back to bed she went.  Slept until after 8 this morning.


Lexi is going to be a pirate for Halloween...what are your little ones dressing as?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I can't take much more stress in my life right now.  And that's all I seem to have at the moment.  If I thought I was stressed before...when the only thing I stressed about was money...then I don't even have words to describe the pressure I feel right now. 

IVF, but I can deal.  Just means extra time and maybe another year paying for the HMO. 

Hasimoto's...yep...that sucks too.  But it's treatable with medication.  I went for my ultrasound of my thyroid this morning and I picked up my Levothyroxin last night.  Popped my first pill this morning.  Being on meds, for possibly the rest of my life, kinda sucks...but I can deal.

This "other thing"...that I can't deal with.  I know it could very well be nothing.  A bad angle...a cyst...a could be any of those things...but the thought that it might be something more than that still creeps into my head.  And that thought KILLS me.  I'm 35.  I don't want to deal with anything remotely related to cancer.  I look at my little girl and think...will I see her grow up?  Will I see her graduate from high school?  Get married?  Have a baby?  I know those things aren't guaranteed to begin with...but having this looming over me makes those things ever so important.  Makes every hug and every I Love You even more precious to me. 

The rational side of me says that if it were really doctor wouldn't have "just mailed" the order for the tests...that he would have demanded I get in ASAP.  He's like that.  My brain says that everything will be fine...that I'm over reacting.  But my heart...well, that's a whole other ball of wax.

My heart is hurting right now.  For the IVF that got put off...for the upcoming one year anniversary of losing the last pregnancy...for the Hashimoto's diagnosis...for reaching age 35...for an abnormal mammogram.

It's just too much all at once.  I don't know how to hold it all together.  What's next?

Monday, October 24, 2011


I posted about how I went for a mammogram last Thursday...I was just shy of my 35th birthday.  Got a letter in the mail today from the hospital that I need to contact my physician's office because I need further imaging.  Upon calling my PCP's office they had already written up an order for more testing...apparently I have a small density in my left breast that needs further evaluation.  I need to make another appointment with the imaging center.

I'm hoping it's nothing.  Or just a cyst.  If you're the praying type...please send one up for me? 

Friday, October 21, 2011


I saw my endocrinologist today.  It's not official but I most likely have Hashimoto's.  And it's most likely the cause of my miscarriage last year.  My TSH level was 5.6.  Normal is around 1.5 - 1.8.   I'm to start on a high dose of Levothyroxin immediately.  Repeat bloodwork in 4 appointment December 1st.  I also have to have an ultrasound of my thyroid done.


I don't know what to think right now.  The fact that I may not have miscarried last fall had I been taking thyroid meds is a little overwhelming right now.  Something so "simple" to treat.  And I didn't.  I remember telling my RE at the time that I wasn't taking any thyroid meds...and I thought they found me to be "within normal" ranges...but I found out today that your TSH level can be within "normal" ranges and there still be an issue...because apparently your pituitary gland helps compensate for when your thyroid is lacking.  Brings the grief to the forefront again.


Tomorrow is my 35th birthday. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

IVF#4 postponement and Boobies

I felt like crap all day yesterday.  Constant headache and overall yucky feeling.  The news from the RE's office didn't help.  I'm so frustrated.  Pushing back this cycle meaning potentially having to pay another year's worth of premiums on this HMO.  Don't get me wrong...I'm happy to have insurance coverage and I know how lucky I am that I do...but paying for 2 medical plans is killing us financially!  My PCP, my GYN, Lexi's pedi, and DH's MFI doc are all part of my PPO network.  They don't take the HMO.  The only reason we took the HMO was for the IVF coverage.  I can't drop my PPO.  DH's job has a wacky enrollment period so coverage runs March 1st - March 1st.  So we have until February 29th to have a cycle completed...actually we don't even have that long since his enrollment period is sometime in January.  So if I'm not on the Janaury cycle...well, that means another year of HMO premiums. 

I guess I'm just mad that the RE didn't order the bloodwork after our first meeting in September.  I told him at that point that the only difference between my cycle with Lexi and the cycle I miscarried was that I was on thyroid meds with Lexi's cycle.  I told him I wanted my TSH level tested at that time.  I just feel that if it had been tested in September that I would have had a few additional weeks to get on thyroid meds...and maybe make the December cycle.  December isn't even a chance at this point.  January is a glimmer.  I'm holding out hope for January.

I have an appointment on Friday with the hopefully she won't require MORE bloodwork and will accept the results from the test I just had. 

Oh and can I complain just a smidge about how LONG it takes to get an appointment??!!  I must have called 10 places...each telling me that they are scheduling out to December and January!!  Luckily, this Endo dedicates Fridays to seeing new patients and catching up on paperwork.  So she doesn't see returning patients and I was able to get in this week!!  Sheesh!


I had my first mammogram this morning.  My birthday is Saturday and I turn 35.  Not old...but a recent announcement by a famous TV host made me really think.  She's only 36.  A year older than I.  She's done IVF.  I've done 3.  I know there are no proven studies that show people who do IVF are more prone to cancer, but I can't help but think that all these hormones I pump into my body can't be all that great for me.  The lengths we go to...

Anyway, off topic.  Mammograms are not very comfortable.  In fact, mine downright was painful.  Being squished like a pancake was not fun.  I know it's all in the name of prevention and early detection...but you'd think with all the advances in technology, they'd come up with a better way to do these.  Anyway, I should have my results in a week.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm supposed to be starting Lupron today...instead I got a call from my RE's office this morning stating that my TSH levels were really high (over 5) and that they won't cycle me until it's below a 2.  While I understand why they are postponing doesn't make the news any easier to swallow. 

Plus, I'm nauseous today.  Hugging the porcelin god is not how I wanted to start the day. 

I'm feeling to yucky to really write anymore...

Friday, October 14, 2011

If I knew then...

I received my box o' drugs from the UPS man this morning.  If I knew then what I know now, we would have used my husband's HMO insurance back then.  As much as it's a pain to get referrals and approvals and such...I only paid $103 for all my meds.  Yep.  $50 co pay for the Lupron.  $50 co pay for the Endometrin and a $3 co pay for the antibiotic.  Nada for the F0llistim or men0pur.  Those were 100% covered by the insurance.  So any readers out there in mandated states...use the HMO's to your advantage!! 


I had my saline ultrasound done yesterday.  Holy cramping!  It wasn't fun.  But everything checked out.  So I'm happy about that. 


I'm surprisingly nervous about this cycle.  I mean, it's nothing new to us...we've done it before.  But I think that it being the last opportunity and having a brand new RE are making me a little anxious.  I start Lupron on Tuesday...I can't believe this is here already!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

IVF #4 schedule

Got my schedule for this cycle.  I've never done IVF at a clinic that does "batches" so this is new to me.  I'm already on bcp and prenatals...

Lupron starts October 18th
Baseline appointment - November 2nd (lets hope that any cysts I may have shrink before then!)
Start stims - November 4th (if all is ok with my baseline)
Monitoring appointments - November 9th, 11th and 13th
ER - Week of November 14th (depends on how many days I stim)
ET - 3 days later.

If I follow all my previous cycles...and stim for 12 days...November 16th looks like ER.  Another Wednesday.  My past 2 ER's have been on Wednesdays.  Which means another Saturday ET.  I know where that puts me for an EDD.  But I don't want to think that far ahead.  I don't want to jinx anything. 

Now I wait for the pharmacy to call to confirm the drugs and give me the amount due.  I'm petrified it's going to be some crazy amount.  I hope it's not.

I'll be on Follistim and Menopur again.  And Ovidrel for trigger.  This RE only does PIO after ER up until ET...then he does vaginal suppositories 3x a day.  I guess it's both a good and bad thing.  No 2 inch needles every night...but must deal with the discharge from the suppository.  Just breathe...


In other news.  Lexi had her first dentist appointment today.  We've been prepping her for a few weeks now...showing her how to open her mouth wide and pretending to count her teeth.  She was actually excited to go and readily hopped into the chair.  She did EXCELLENT.  She even let the dentist do a cleaning and floride treatment on her.  No squirmies.  I think the cleaning went so well because Lexi has a Tigger spin brush that she I told her that it would be just like using the Tigger toothbrush.  She was awesome.  As usual. 


Holy crap...I just got a phone call from the insurance confirming my prescriptions!  The nurse just called them in about an hour about fast service.  The pharmacy themselves has to give me the co pay amounts...and I should hear from them either later today or tomorrow.  They are shipping the drugs for delivery on FRIDAY!  OMG!!  Breathe....breathe...breathe....

Monday, October 3, 2011

And so it begins

AF arrived on Saturday...and with that I called it in to my RE.  I go on the 13th for an HSG, a pratice transfer and to return our consent forms.  Tomorrow, we have to get blood drawn for our infectious disease testing (this always makes me giggle for some reason...the wording, not the tests themselves).  BCP and prenatals are being called into my local pharmacy.  The nurse will call me later this week with actual dates, since they do ERs and ETs in batches.  IVF #4, our final attempt, has begun.