Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Love these moments

It's 3am...and I heard the call from her room..."Mommma?  Momma?"  I pulled myself from my warm bed and trotted into her room. 

What is it baby?

I need you momma...

I pick her up and bring her to the lazy boy in the corner of her room...feel the warmth of her little body next to mine...feverish warmth.  We snuggle together on the recliner and she's soon fast asleep in my arms.  And I am transported back 4 when she was just a peanut in my arms.  Warm and squishy.  When I would look at her and marvel that she was mine.  IS mine.  That I was blessed with such a beautiful creature.

Still warm...but no longer squishy.  A big girl by day...but still my baby by night...when she still wants her momma to snuggle with her.  I still marvel at the miracle that is her. 

And while the nights were I'm more annoyed at being woken up at 3am are plentiful...there are times like this night when I sit with her, alseep in my arms, and let the time pass.  Just us.  Heart to heart.  Momma and daughter.  Together.  Peaceful.  And I'm happy to just be.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Back to normal

AF arrived yesterday...28 days after the last one.  Back to normal.  I guess missing in October was a fluke...I mean, I was thankful I didn't have her while vacationing...but still. 

Oh...and our Christmas tree fell over today.  Yep, was upstairs working when I heard a "whoosh" followed by a tinkling noise.  All the dogs were with I know none of them knocked it over.  My poor tree..I had just filled it with water so there was water and ornaments everywhere.  Oh, and have I told you that I'm allergic to said tree?  Yep, break out in hives after touching it.  So picking it up and repositioning it in the stand and cleaning up...yea, my arms are hideous.

Gotta love Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A 4.5 year old's Christmas list

Lexi's Christmas list this year is quite different from last...

Last year she wanted everything...and while she still does want everything she sees...when it comes down to writing her letter to Santa...she's very specific:

Lalaloopsy Hair Doll with pink hair
The doll that eats and poops (Baby Alive)
A telescope

Yes, you read that 4.5 year old wants a telescope.  When I asked her what she would do with a telescope she promptly replied "look at the stars and planets Mom!".  Well duh!

So off we went looking for a telescope that wasn't crazy expensive, but not a "kiddie" one either (her request).  Luckily for us, we found a brand new telescope, unopened, in a second hand shop...for $20.  Sold.

So here is what Lexi is getting this year for Christmas:

Lalaloopsy Hair - from mom and dad
Frozen Sheet Set - from mom and dad
Baby Alive - from Santa
Baby Alive diapers and food - from mom and dad
Telescope - from Santa
Turbo DVD - from Santa
Lalaloopsy Workshop - from Santa
Melissa and Doug Dollhouse - from Santa

The dollhouse wasn't originally in the plan...but I won it during a Melissa & Doug Twitter party.  It's seriously an awesome prize.  I didn't even have to pay shipping! 

And so far I know grandma got Lexi a new recliner chair (her current chair is 4 years old and has seen better days) and auntie got her Anna and Elsa dolls from "Frozen" and I think that Cuddles the Monkey (which I hope she didn't).

Budget breakdown:
Lalaloopsy Hair - $19.99
Frozen sheets - $19.99
Baby Alive - $24
Baby Alive accessories - $12
Telescope - $20
Turbo - $9.99
Lalaloopsy workshop - $14.99
Dollhouse - $0.00
Total: $120.96 plus tax
Retail price (going off today's prices) $378.94 plus tax
Saved: $257.98 ($149.99 is the dollhouse!)

I love Target's price matching and Cartwheel app...I spent just a tad more than the $100 we budgeted...but I still think we did good. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

First "real" snowfall of the season

I say "real" because we've had dustings over the last few weeks that melted within a few hours.  Last night, however, we received our first substantial snowfall.  Roughly an inch...not much.  But enough that when the kiddo woke up this morning and saw it she immediately had to go play in it.  So what does this mama do?  Why I dressed her for school, put on her snowsuit and boots and let her have at it.  At 7am.  She came in for breakfast and happily went off to school. 

I've learned that it's the little things that mean the most to her.  The 10 minutes of snow time before school.  The 7 minutes of playground time at the mall.  The 5 minutes of looking at toys at the store.  The 3 minutes on the bungee bounce (I SO wish I could do this...but the weight limit is 150lbs).  These few minutes of letting her just be a kid.  They bring the biggest smiles to her face...and it reminds me to take these minutes more frequently.  Before she's all grown up and they are gone.