Thursday, February 17, 2011

15 work days left

I have 15 work days left in my current position. Only 15. Wow. I haven't given notice to my manager yet...waiting on the background check from new place to clear first...don't want to give notice then not get the new job for some reason!

I'm very excited the more I think about it. But I'm also very sad. I will be leaving behind a lot of great people. Any ideas on little things I could send my sales people (they are in another state) to say "Thank you for everything over the last 6 years...thank you for being patient, for teaching me , for believing in me, for trusting in me, for being there for me"?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Decision made

I've accepted the job offer. I really couldn't think of a good reason NOT to...besides the no IVF coverage. We will take DH's insurance for the time being...and use the 1 cycle we have left. If we end up pregnant...wonderful. If not, then at least I get to be with the child I have.

The more I think about it, the more excited I get. I've wanted this (work from home) for 2 years. And it's finally coming to fruition. I will get to participate in her childhood...take her to school, help with her homework, attend school functions. All things I was afraid I would have to miss because of my 4 hour commute.

The job itself is pretty awesome as well. Not to get to specific, but it's doing what I basically do now...just for another company, and slightly different product line. I get along great so far with my team (I've spoken to all but one of them) and they are all excited about me joining them.

I am sad to leave the people I currently work with behind. I've been here for 6 years...and have worked with the majority of people for that whole time. It will be hard to say goodbye to those that mentored me when I came aboard. They are patient, caring individuals who took me under their wing and helped make me the knowledgeable person I am today. I have them to thank for this new company wanting to hire me. I've learned from the best.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In a pickle

I know, I know...I'm a horrible blogger. But I'm in a pickle and need your advice. The job that I was interviewing for? Well, they offered it to me. They flew me out to meet the hiring manager last Friday (very nice guy btw) and made me an offer yesterday...more money...working from home 100%...I got along great with the manager and the 2 other sales people I spoke with. The downer? No IVF coverage. None, nada, zilch, zero. They are a fully insured company, but the policy is written out of Florida...which is not a mandated state.

DH's company follows IL law...which would give us one cycle covered (IL law says you get 6 IVF cycles, unless you have a live which time they will cover 2 more and since we did one after Lexi we would have one more). We could take out his insurance (my job change constitutes a life event for enrollment) and use the cycle there. But that would be it. No more.

If I stay where I'm at...I have maybe 1 MAYBE 2 cycles covered...procedures only...all drugs would be out of pocket.

So again...pros for taking new job and using DH's insurance:
No more 4 hour commute
working from home
no more train tickets (save $)
no more parking fees (save $)
pay increase
one cycle covered

Cons for taking new job:
No IVF coverage

Pros for staying where I am:
IVF coverage (1 or 2 cycles)

Cons for staying where I am:
4 hour commute

What do you think? Honestly...

Friday, February 4, 2011

When it rains...

Last Wednesday (the 26th) I applied for 2 jobs. Both at national banks. On Wednesday afternoon, I received an email from Bank1 wanting to setup an initial phone interview on Friday. On Thursday, I received a phone call from Bank2, wanting to setup an initial phone interview on Friday.

I had both interviews on Friday. They both went well.

On Monday, I received a call from Bank2 wanting to setup a phone interview with the hiring manager. I returned her call on Tuesday and the interview was setup for Wednesday.

The interview went VERY well.

On Thursday, I received an email from the hiring manager saying he wanted to have the recruiter setup 2 phone meetings with 2 people on his team that I would be supporting. I said that would be wonderful. (still waiting to set those up)

On Thursday afternoon, I received an email from Bank1 saying they wanted to setup in person interviews with 2 of their regional managers on the 15th of February. Those are scheduled.

Today, I get a phone call from my manager, saying he was approached by a manager in another department about talking to me and seeing if I was interested in moving areas. Would I talk to said manager. Sure...meeting scheduled for 3pm Tuesday the 8th.

OMG. I hope I can keep all these people straight.

Bank1 - pay is about 5K more a year. Working in an office downtown. Would still have 2 hour commute.
Bank2 - pay is about 5k more a year. Working exclusively from home. No commute.
Current employer - have no idea yet what they are thinking about...

I'm absolutely floored. I feel so lucky to even get these interviews...nevermind how fast they are coming. I don't NEED a new job. Don't get me wrong, I would love a pay increase and the work from home perk...but I have a job. I know how lucky I am to be in a position to have options. I feel so absolutely floored.