Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree

We went Sunday to cut down our Christmas tree. A little tradition that I carried over from my childhood. I always loved going to get our tree. The drive out to the farm was filled with anticipation, then seeing all the trees in the distance brought excitement. I love how they smell and how they feel. Yes, I know they make a huge mess, but its all worth it to me.

Its something I want Lexi to look forward too. Something I want her to enjoy. This year she wasn't interested in exploring so I ended up carrying her. But she did go up to the trees and smell them. That's my girl!
Unfortunately one of the downfalls to cutting your own tree is the fact that you can't really gauge their size. That's how we ended up with this sucker...

I have 9 foot ceilings in my house...and we cut about 2 feet off the top and it's still hitting the ceiling.

The trunk is literally 7 inches in diameter! It's HUGE!

A cute pic of Lexi during the "hunt"

My movie star

Here's a rare treat for you...a picture of someone other than Lexi! Me and the hubs at my cousin's wedding last Friday.


Anonymous said...

That girl is too cute! Oh and you are too!

JJ said...

Great picture of you all!