Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was fun this year...with the exception of one mishap...but it wasn't a huge deal.

Lexi dressed as Tigger. She was SO adorable in her costume and once in it, couldn't wait to go out. We only went around the block (so maybe to 12 houses) and that was enough for her. She was wiped out by the end. She scored some candy that she'll be able to enjoy, and some that she won't (Snickers bars for one) but in all I think she had fun. We'd go up to the door with her and tell her to knock on the door...and she would, but so lightly that we had to ring the bell as well.

Our mishap...we were about 2 houses away from home when a car pulled up with a bunch of teenagers in it...2 jumped out and stole our candy bowl from our from porch and our neighbors! We had set them out for the kids to "help themselves" while we were out with Lexi. My DH took off after them and retrieved our bowls as they pulled into their driveways. In the meantime, we found one of the kids cell phones in our yard. We had called the police (yes, I was THAT mad) and when he came my DH was back and gave him the address and license plate number of the car. The cop said he would go talk to the parents...that it really was a dumb thing to do. We also gave the cop the phone so he would have "proof" that the kid was "guilty". So as I'm talking to my neighbor the KID COMES BACK LOOKING FOR HIS PHONE! I told him that if he was looking for it, that the cops were going to personally deliver it to his parents. He was all, "what did you do that for". I told him maybe now he'll think twice before stealing people's stuff. His answer? It's just candy. I don't don't steal from little kids! And that bowl was meant for them. If he had run up and emptied it into a bag, that's one thing...though I still would have been mad...but he TOOK THE WHOLE BOWL!

Anyway, I can now laugh at the whole I think about him trying to explain to his parents why a police officer was returning his cell phone.

Pics of the Tigger will come tomorrow!


Amanda said...

I would have never dreamed of stealing all of someone's candy when they left a bowl out! I did go back close to the end of the night to see if any was left, though.

My neighbor stopped over for 5 minutes last night and as he walked out of our house he saw someone running away from his truck. Turns out the punk stole his GPS. He screamed loudly about putting a bullet in his head, grabbed his rifle, and sped off. The kid dropped it in the middle of the street as he rounded the corner so the neighbor came back quickly. He said he was just going to scare the kid, but still! A gun? The police I totally get!

The worst part about it is, the kid ran further back into the neighborhood (there's only one way in or out of our neighborhood) so he more than likely lives here. What is wrong with kids these days???

Photogrl said...

Holy cow, I would have been angry enough to call the cops, too!

Can't wait to see pics of Lexi!

Jamie said...

Lexi was such a cute Tigger!! I can't wait until Skeeter is old enough to understand trick-or-treating. This year, he mostly just wanted to watch the other kids.

I'm so glad you caught the kids stealing the candy bowl!! There's no telling how many houses they ripped off that night. They're right - it's just candy - so go buy some!!

So cool that they left their cell phone and you gave it to the police. Love it!!