Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful for bloggers

Can I just take a moment to say just how thankful I am to those of you out there who take time out of your day to read my rambling and especially to those of you who not only read, but comment? I don't have hundreds of followers like some bloggers...hell, I don't even think I've broken 30...but I wouldn't have it any other way at this point. I so utterly thankful for bloggers like Jamie, Molly, Rotten, Mo, Erin, Susan, Erica, Mel...and I can't even begin to remember everyone...but your comments, emails and FB messages over these past weeks have just meant the world to me. It's amazing the connection that I feel to you...and we've never even met face to face.

So thank you for reading.

Thank you for commenting.

Thank you for sharing your lives with me.

Thank you for just being you.


Familyoftwo said...

It's quality not quantity!

Thinking of you always, especially with the holidays coming!

Rotten said...

Anytime. Just glad that our ramblings in the comments mean something to you and make you smile. Sometimes it just takes a few people to "get" what you are going through and say those helpful words to help you through the rough times.
Big hugs to you.

Mel said...

Hugs and kisses to you. My heart breaks for your heart.

Jamie said...

You are welcome!! I'm just as thankful for you :-)

Tina said...

As a long time IVFC'er, we "met" there and have shared so much. Unfortunately, I've BTDT.

Now it's time to enjoy the Holidays and EAT!! Go have some fun during the Black Friday power hours - laugh at the crazy people (I'll be one) and spend some nonexistent money!!

Erin said...

Happy Thanksgiving. We all have a lot to be thankful for.