Thursday, November 4, 2010


Thank you everyone for all your kind words...either here or email. I really appreciated all your stories and your hopefulness.

I've decided to wait for another scan on Tuesday, when I'll be 7w6d. If by then the fetal pole hasn't grown and there is no heartbeat, I will have to face facts that this pregnancy is not viable. But right now I can't do that. We've been progressing along "as normal"...just one week behind.

I can't get my RE's negative words out of my head though today. Every little twinge I'm feeling has me wondering "Is this it?" and running to the bathroom for a TP check. Each time, nothing. Thank goodness. I know I need to remain calm and try to stay positive. It's just very hard to do.

I can't believe this is dragging out so long without any answers. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.


Liz Self said...

I wasn't sure what to say when I read your last post, but know that this complete stranger is following your journey and sending out good thoughts. I'm so glad you made this choice, as it seems right for you, and I'm sorry that this isn't a million times easier. Will be reading, watching, and hoping.

Mo and Will said...

this sounds like a good decision. One that will bring you peace and certainty even if it is not the outcome you so desire. Thinking of you. And hoping against hope that somehow things can turn out all right.


Tina said...

YEA! I'm glad that you're waiting. While reading your blog last night, I just kept thinking that you should wait. Go baby go!!

Familyoftwo said...

Follow your heart! I hope that soon you have a definitive answer!

Nearlydawn said...

I'm very glad to see you are waiting until the next scan. I can't imagine stopping before we were SURE it was over. I don't think my RE has ever discouraged me, even when things didn't look their greatest. I'm not saying they are cheerily optimistic, but they don't say it's over until they know it is.

Jamie said...

I am so very sorry for all you are going through.

I think waiting is the right decision. For sure. No doubts. What does it hurt?

I don't know why your RE would be so negative. Maybe she doesn't want to give you false hope but since she is in the business of infertility she should know how we need hope. We live by it.

Sending you much love. And there is enough positive hope out here to completely negate your RE's negativity.