Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I was "playing" around and googling some different terms related to pregnancy, just to see what came up (yes, I know...and yes, I'm bored). One of the terms I googled was "Maternity Leave". What do I find but this site. Holy moly! I live in the wrong country! According to the site, the US is only 1 of 5 countries that doesn't provide any maternity leave to their female citizens. Whatever leave we are granted is done so at the discretion of our employers. Which is why there is such a disparity amongst us US bloggers as to how much time we are taking off after baby is born. On the other end of the spectrum...Bulgaria provides 45 days 100% paid sick leave BEFORE the baby is born, 2 YEARS PAID leave after the baby is born, and 1 additional year of unpaid time off. Hello! 3 years off? AND the "employer is obligated to restore the mother to the same position upon return to work. In addition, pregnant women and single mothers can not be fired."! Um, yea...my 12 weeks is sure looking measly right now.

Just thought I'd share!

Here are some additional sites I found interesting:



Fertilized said...

wow - i want to move !

Denise said...

It makes me ill reading about this!

s.e. said...

Maybe I should move to Bulgaria just in case IVF works. Wow is right.

I am ashamed to ask...Where in fact is Bulgaria? Maybe I will google that. It must be worth it to live there.

Mel said...

Yes, hi. This makes me sick.
I am running to the bathroom to puke.