Friday, February 6, 2009

201 posts!

Two posts in one day! My last post was post number 200! WOW!

So anyway, in regards to the pack n play fiasco. DH and I had picked out a pnp from was made by Summer In.fant and was part of the Hug Me collection. Well, we found out that this pnp was being discontinued awhile back, so Wednesday while we were in BRU we saw that there was only 1 left. Well, since DH had his heart set on having the pnp that matched the bedding we want, we bought it and brought it home. Now, the box was pretty beat up and taped we opted to try to put it together right away to make sure all the pieces were there. Well, let me tell took us over 20 minutes to figure this thing out...and one side wouldn't lock in. No matter what we tried, it wouldn't lock. So we decided we'd take it back. I want something that is EASY PEAZY folks...nothing complicated. Well, it took us almost another 30 minutes to try to break it down. The squeeze triggers wouldn't squeeze! We were SO frustrated. When we finally broke it all down and got it back in the box, we went straight back to the store to return it.

DH then picked out another pnp he liked...well guess what? This Grac0 model is ALSO being discontinued! What are the chances? Needless to say, we bought the Grac0 and brought it home. We were able to get it together (minus the changer) in less than 10 minutes. Though I have to say, the directions they provide are HORRIBLE! 3 languages on 1 page! It's SO confusing. But anyway, that is the pnp you see in the nursery pics. We just have to break it down and move it into our room...since Grac0 wasn't smart enough to make these things a size that can fit through a standard doorway!

That my friends, is the pack n play fiasco.


Fertilized said...

looking good!

pnp's are NOT easy to set up. It still takes me several attempts to put ours up and down. You are right, the directions suck

Another Julia said...

Just one of the many baby items that require an engineering degree to set up!! :)
Glad you passed your glucose tolerance test--hooray!

Jen said...

Hate, hate, hate pack n plays... i havent found one yet that is easy to manage. Each one seems to have a little trick!! Love the nursery - it's so big! I'm jealous!

KimboSue said...

Oh Lordy! I don't want PNP drama!

It does sound kind of funny in a way though.... HEE HEE

E said...

Good move getting an easier one. They can be such a pain and you want it to be as easy as possible. Belated Congratulations!

April said...

I'm just a lurker here but want to say congrats! And also, I have the KEY to pack-n-plays! :)

When setting it up, always put the side up first, then straighten/tighten the bottom.

When taking down, do the opposite. Loosen/take-down the bottom, then the sides. (I'm ashamed to say it took me 3 kids and 4 pnps to figure this out! lol)