Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pics and Stuff

I have updated the link on the sidebar for "Baby Pics" to include 3 from our ultrasound session on Sunday. I still haven't figured out the shutter.fly thing and quite honestly, my brain doesn't want to think too much lately, so I gave up.

I was off work yesterday...and ended up going to BRU. Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE clearance sales? BRU had 50% off their "winter" items, which had already been reduced. So it was 50% off the reduced price. And I wouldn't really call these items "winter". I ended up buying some outfits. Pants and top sets. Now the tops were long sleeve, but the material was thin cotton. Not any heavy fleece or anything...I would say Baby Girl could wear these easily in the late summer, early fall. Or even to anyone's house where the AC is cranked up. The BEST part is that each outfit only cost $3.45! I hate to say it, but Baby Girl only has 4 outfits that were purchased at "regular" price...everything else is off a clearance rack. 2 of those outfits are pink and white Chicago White S0x outfits ...one is a little Elm0 outfit...and one is her "take home outfit". I've been buying all sizes so I have some outfits that are 12 months...but for $3 each? Can't pass it up! I'm all about a bargain.


Chelle said...

WOO HOO for the bargains!

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING wrong with teaching little girl the value of a good clearance sale early!

KimboSue said...

See...THIS is the reason why I should have found out Peanut's gender. I can't do clearance sales because the only "Gender Neutral" stuff they sell is newborn or 0-3 months. I can't wait for Peanut to get here so I can do some bargain hunting!

Denise said...

The 3/4D ultrasounds are so cool!

I just picked up some stuff on clearance at BRU too. I just can't pass up stuff that cheap!