Wednesday, February 25, 2009

30 weeks

I feel like a broken record...because as each week passes, I feel more and more grateful to be in the position I am. It still amazes me that I've reached this point, and I'm still anxious about the possibility it could all be taken away in an instant. I know that may seem silly...I mean if Baby Girl were born today, she'd have to spend a little time in the NICU, but her chances of survival are good. I guess I'm just waiting for the "other shoe" to drop.

I've been thinking about the next 10 weeks and about what I'd say to Baby Girl on the day she's born. DH and I have discussed who we want in the birthing suite with us...and we've decided that we want it to just be us, and the medical staff of course. However, we think we may ask my sister to be there as well. I want someone to be there to "document" things...take video and those first precious pictures when Lexi is laid on my chest. It's important to me to have those pictures. To be able to look at them, look at DH and my faces, and remember exactly what it felt like to see her for the very first time. I get all choked up and teary just thinking about that moment. But it's just that, a moment. And if no one else is there, that moment would never be captured for us to look at later. To show Lexi later. I know my sister would stay in the background through the labor and wouldn't offer up any commentary. She'd blend in with the medical staff...this I know. We don't want the whole family there, because it is going to be a very emotional day for us. And I can't ask my mom, without having DH's mom feel slighted. So because DH has no siblings, it makes sense to ask my sister, Lexi's godmother.

So anyway, I'm on my way in about 15 minutes to my 30 week appointment. We've decided to donate Lexi's cord blood, so I'm taking all the paperwork for my OB to sign off on...hopefully, he can sign it there and I won't have to wait for them to mail it back. I'll try to post again when I get back.

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