Thursday, February 19, 2009

29 weeks (a day late)

Holy crappola! It's been 29 weeks! Where has the time gone? In 11 weeks or less, baby girl will join our little family. I'm so excited to meet hold kiss smell her baby scent. It seems like I've wanted this forever, and it's finally within my reach. She'll be here in less than 11 weeks. I remember when I hit 11 week milestone...I was so happy to be making it out of the 1st trimester, and here I am in the 3rd. I never thought in a million years this dream would become a reality.

Baby girl's room is pretty much finished for now. I can't really do much else until after our shower. All the clothes I've bought her are off their hangars, tags cut off and are sorted by laundry loads on the floor, waiting for after the shower so I can wash everything all at once. Our shower is scheduled for March 22nd. I took the day after off so I can wash and organize. March is a busy month for us...we have child birth classes starting and continuing each Friday in March, our Baptism class is the 26th, the shower, and my cousin is having her 2 kids' birthday party either the 28th or 29th. Plus we have "last hurrah" dinners in with friends in there as well.

I am looking forward to this weekend...the resale shop by my house is having a "Grab Bag" sale. They give you a bag, and you stuff it with whatever you want, and pay only $10. This store is 5000 square feet, and most of it is packed with gently used clothes. I fully intend to stuff my bag to the brim. My best friend agreed to go with me...little does she know I will be expecting her to stuff a bag as well (I'll pay for it obviously). But if I can get alot of stuff for only $20? Why not? Since the economy tanked, I've become a coupon clipping bargain shopper.


Fertilized said...

Happy 29 weeks

Excellent - My advice grab clothes sized 9month - 2T. That seems to be an average no when you start to notice you have a limited stock

Mel said...

11 weeks to go! Wow! It flies by and drags at the same time. Your month DOES sound busy, but that is good. Fit it all in while you can.

Denise said...

Happy 29 weeks! I can't believe how fast this is flying by. At least for someone reading along!

KimboSue said...

Yeah for resale shops, coupons, and bargain shopping! 11 more weeks...that is crazy! I only have 8 more! YIKES!

Chelle said...

Woo hoo! Time flys! Good luck bargain shopping!