Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank you

Thank you to all who commented in support of my last post. When I initially read the comment, I was fuming angry, and had a more strongly worded post ready to go. But I chose to post what I did, so as not to come off as TOO angry! I know it's part of having a blog, people aren't always going to like what I say, and that is fine. I don't expect people to agree with me 100% of the time...just 99% LOL. Anyway, I didn't take it personally, though it did hurt at first.

On a lighter note, I passed my 2nd 1 hour glucose test! YaHoo! Results came back at 123. Normal for my office is between 60 and 180. So I don't have to retake the 3 hour! I'm SO happy about this. I was not looking forward to spending another 3 hours sitting at the OB's office. I also had a full blood workup done last week when I was there...everything within normal ranges. Very happy to hear.

We're working on Baby girl's room today. Well, DH is...I'm "helping" in between working from home. We haven't put the crib together yet, but all the furniture is in place and it's "sorta" clean. I'll take pictures later and post them...I know you all have been patiently waiting.

So on Baby Girl's name. I had been debating on whether to post it. We've had a name for quite a while. Even before we were pregnant, we had a girl's name picked out. Our family knows what it do our friends. I guess it can't hurt anything to tell you internets (I love this term...stole it from Jen). Baby girl will be Alexis Marie. Alexis is a name both DH and I love, and Marie is my maternal grandmother's name. My gramma was my best friend in the world, when she died in 2003, it broke my heart. I still get sad when I think that Alexis will never get to meet her. She was one loving woman. Love you gram!


Mel said...

Oh, yay! Congrats on passing the GTT this time around! That is awesome. ;)

Nursery progress, yay!! How fun, I cannot wait to see the photos. :) I love the name Alexis, my best friend named her daughter that and they call her Lexi, which is too darn stinking adorable of a nickname. Thank you for sharing her name, too cool.


Alyssa said...

That's a beautiful name. I especially love the name Alexis. :)

Jen said...

Gorgeous name pick! I really like it.

KimboSue said...

Yeah! A thank you and the baby's name in one post. That is great! The name is gorgeous and what a beautiful namesake!

Jendeis said...

Congrats on passing the glucose test!

Alexis Marie is such a beautiful name, and what a loving tribute to your grandmother.

Chelle said...

I love the name. It's beautiful and because it means something to you makes it even more special.

Fertilized said...

YAH and congrats on passing the GTT!!!! That Rocks.

and i LOVE the name. So delicate and feminine

Delenn said...

I love the name. Very pretty.

(I'm not just saying that cuz my middle name is Marie, and my daughter's middle name is named after my beloved Grammie's middle name--Leone).

Sorry you had to deal with the wing-nut poster.

Jen said...

Congrats on the GTT pass!
And I LOVE the name Alexis. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Boy do I have a lot to catch up on!

Love baby girls name!