Friday, February 6, 2009

Nursery in Progress - Pics

As promised here are some nursery pics. We're still working on it, so please don't mind all the "stuff" everywhere.

This is as you first walk into the nursery. The white ledge on the wall above the crib will hold letters spelling out "ALEXIS" in white. We don't have the crib mattress or bedding yet...

This is a picture of the changing table. Those flowers are actually lights picked up at I.kea.

This photo is standing in front of the crib looking at an angle. Her armoire. I will store all her sheets and extra bedding in this. The door is her walk in closet.

This picture was taken standing in front of the changing table. We put together her pack n play to make sure we could (that's another post), but that will get moved to our bedroom. There is a dresser straight on and the recliner we purchased for feedings. We paid just as much for this recliner as gliders were going for at BRU.

This photo was taken standing in front of the closet.

So that's it for now...we still have work to do cleaning up and such...

1 comment:

Mel said...

Fun! Love the flowers. Isn't nursery decoration the most fun?
Has anyone warned you about the pack and play not fitting through doorways? Husband did all the work putting ours together but confessed it was a beating. He said he wanted to write Graco a nasty letter in regards to hiring better technical writers! He said the swing was just as hard.

Cannot wait to see more photos as it progresses. Have you picked out the bedding?