Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Non IF related question

OK girls...I have an mp3 player that I got for Christmas...and it's still sitting here with no music on it. It's not an Ip0d, but one from the Sharper Image. And I'm completely lost as to how to download music onto it. The instructions suck. All you tech savvy gurus out there...please help me. I'm also looking for recommendations for sites to use to download the music. I'm always wary of sites asking me for my credit card info.

I need tunes for tomorrow's ER! Please help!


Jen said...

I haven't the slightest idea because I don't have any kind of music player thingy. I am just so far behind in technology.

Anonymous said...

Did it come with a USB cable? If so that is how you download to it.

Download to Limewire you will need to put that onto your computer first. Have someone who knows how to make folders make one for you for music. Then you will know where your music is. Once you download to limewiere you will simply load them to the MP3

Teena in Toronto said...

I recently bought an ipod and was just as confused. Ha! But once you get going, it all happens automatically. I store every thing in itunes ... does your mp3 player come with any instructions?

Happy blogoversary!

Mel said...

Hope everything went beautifully with the ER today... cannot wait for your update.