Sunday, August 31, 2008

3 days post beta

I saw my mom and dad for the first time today since telling them about the positive beta. They were SO excited...and DYING to tell people. We've asked those we've told not to say anything until after we see the heartbeat. We didn't want to tell everyone and then, God forbid, have something happen and then have to spread that news as well.

We went to Frankf0rt fest today. It's a suburban festival with lots of crafters and even a small carnival. We left only with kettle korn. Everything was super expensive, like $20 for a child's sweatshirt! And alot of the crafters all had the same thing. I did manage to snag some free dog treats from the Dog Barkery there.

Nothing else new going on. Waiting anxiously for Tuesday. I did POAS again this morning...just to make sure...LOL


Denise said...

Tuesday cannot come fast enough! I'm so excited for you!

Jen said...

Pee on those sticks! It's fun!

Jill said...

I've been thinking about you all day. Hope all is well.