Monday, August 11, 2008

Catching up

Sorry I haven't posted...I've been feeling really crappy the last few days. These hormones are starting to take their toll on left ovary is situated behind my as my ovary swells with follicles, it pushes on my ute...which in turn pushes on my bladder and some other organs. So I'm peeing every time I drink something and am very uncomfortable.

Here is my update as of my appointment yesterday morning...

Right ovary: 19.5, 18, 17.5, 16, 15.5, 13.5 & some smaller ones
Left ovary: 18, 17.5, 15, 15, 13, 12.5 and some smaller ones
E2 is just over 2000

I went this morning for another u/s and my largest follie was just over 20mm...I didn't write them all down as all I wanted was to hurry up so I could pee again (even though I peed right before I went into the u/s). My nurse believes I will trigger tonight...which makes ER on Wednesday. My DH was hoping for Thursday so he could take an additional day off work (he's normally off on Wednesdays) but I don't know if I could do another day of stims. I've been on them for 12 days and am SO READY to be done.

Sorry for the complaining...I chalk it up to being a hormone ravaged bitch today!


Fertilized said...

complain all you want - these processes, procedures and dr's appointments are just annoying.

But all sounds great so far - wishing you lots of good luck and success

Jen said...

That sounds very uncomfortable and complaint worthy. I hope it gets better soon!

Tricia said...

Feel better! Good Luck with the trigger and the ER!!!

Anonymous said...

Your not complaining. Its part and parcel. We want to move on in the worst way that we forget the annoying injection part.

I would say soon they will be over...but then there is PIO to look forward too.

Jen said...

Everything sounds great! Wishing you all the best!