Friday, August 22, 2008

6dp3dt - 6 days to beta

DH did the cutest thing last night...and caught me completely off guard. He had just taken the Estraderm patches off my back so I could jump in the shower, and I was standing in front of him, when he RUBBED MY BELLY! At first, I was like, what ARE you doing? Then I remembered, we have a potential nugget in there. Took me a minute.

Still have the slight pangs in my pelvic region. I would describe them as feeling as if AF was eminent, but on a smaller scale. The pangs are consistently on my I'm hoping that there are good things going on in there. TMI ALERT...My poop has returned to normal...THANK GOSH! There is nothing I hate more than being plugged up. I'm a every day type of gal, so when there are a few days in between, I'm not a happy camper.

I'm also not thrilled with the "pelvic rest" that was imposed on DH and I during this 2ww. DH especially. But if it will all be worth it. If it doesn't...well, I won't go there, since gosh darnit this is going to work!! (Like my optimism there?)


Jen said...

It will work! I've still got my fingers crossed.

Shelli said...

of course it's going to work for both of us! ;)

chicklet said...

Good luck in a few days!

Jen said...

It HAS to work!
And how cute of your DH.
Good luck!!

Denise said...

Love the optimism! And glad your plumbing is back in working order, so to speak.

dmarie said...

Really hoping you do have a sticky nugget in there :)