Thursday, September 23, 2010


My E2 jumped up to 642 yesterday...largest follie was 13mm. My RE expects that I will stim until Saturday and possibly trigger on Sunday night...which would make retrieval on Tuesday morning.


Lexi is back home. She spent Monday and Tuesday night at her Grandma's house. It was odd not having her at home. I missed her like crazy. When she got out of the car yesterday evening, she ran up to me with her arms outstretched. I picked her up and she put her head on my shoulder and patted my back. Almost like she knew I missed her so much. She then ran to DH and did the same (minus the head on shoulder and back pat).

Grandma took her to the children's museum and she had SO much fun...DH and I will have to take her back when we're off work in 2 weeks!

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Jamie said...

Triggering?!?! How exciting!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you . . .