Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baseline #2

I went this morning again for another round of bloodwork and an ultrasound. U/S showed that my cyst shrunk from 31mm to 12mm. So I'm hoping that it's not wrecking havoc with my hormones anymore and we can start stims tonight.

I'm still bleeding. Today is day 12 of AF...totally normal from what I'm told. Just annoying.

I'm also coming down with a cold or something. My throat is scratchy and I have a post nasal drip (not fun). Just what I need. Must be the sudden change in the weather. Really...we went from 90s and humid one week to 70s and cool the next.

In other news, Lexi ate HALF A HOT DOG on Monday night. This, from a child who refused ALL meats. I was SO HAPPY. Well, I was until I went upstairs and saw that my youngest dog chewed a hole in my down comforter and there were feathers everywhere! Do you know how hard it is to clean up down? At 10 at night? Without waking the toddler next door? Yeah...not fun.

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