Monday, September 20, 2010

Monitoring & Hives

I've had 2 monitoring appointments for this cycle. Neither one was anything to shout from the rooftops about. Just your typical wanding and needle stick. I have a bunch of small follicles on both sides...the largest being 10mm this morning. Not too bad considering I've only been stimming for 5 days. I usually run about 12 days.

Why does no one tell IF patients that the 900IU Follistim cartridge that you pay $720 for actually contains roughly 1025IUs? I remember learning this last cycle 2 years ago...but at that point insurance was paying for the that it's coming out of MY pocket, I'm all about shouting it from the rooftops that THERE IS EXTRA IN THE CARTRIDGE! USE IT ALL!!! I'm taking 225IU per after 4 nights I would have used the 900IU cartridge. Well I managed to get a little more than 125IU out of that "empty" cartridge last night!


Lexi has hives. She woke up Saturday morning with these ugly red splotches on the backs of her legs and butt that looked like mosquito bites, but had red "rims" throughout. A quick trip to the pedi found that they were hives. We have no idea what is causing them...her diet hasn't changed, she hasn't gotten any new foods...pedi said it could be a virus that she is fighting that is causing them as well. Most likely this is the culprit as I was sick with a respiratory bug last Wed - Fri. Gave her some Benadryl and they cleared up...but they keep coming back. Anyone else's kid get hives from a virus? How long did they keep coming back for?

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