Friday, September 3, 2010

I don't remember this happening last time

I seem to be starting my period today. Which is odd. Today is only CD25. I took my last bcp last night with my 2nd Lupron shot. TMI Alert...I mean I'm not full flow yet, but by the way I feel, it will be by this evening.

This is from Lexi's cycle:

7/23/08 - last bcp, 1st Lupron
8/1/08 - 1st stim shot
8/11/08 - trigger
8/13/08 - ER
8/16/08 - ET

So from the above I would think it's safe to say that AF did NOT arrive the day after my last bcp. I mean it was a whole 10 days between 1st Lupron and 1st stim. I'm not sure I should call in today as CD1 or what. I wish I had more info from last cycle to refer to...

Could the saline ultrasound I had done on the 1st have "kicked started" AF??

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