Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fert Report

is less than stellar. Of the 25 eggs, 22 were able to be ICSI'd....and we have 2 embryos. Yes, you read that right...2. I'm so sad right now. I mean, I know it only takes one...Lexi is living proof of that...but I'm afraid these 2 may not make it to transfer on Saturday. Last time, of the 4 that fertilized day 1, 3 arrested.

I know I need to stay positive. I'm trying. It's just hard.


Erin said...

Thinking about you...hoping for the one perfect embryo.

s.e. said...

It's so hard to stay positive. Your saddness is completely understandable. You put in a lot of effort, sacrificed and still have the damn hormones to deal with.

This time will pass and everything will be okay- I am just still hoping it is more than okay.

How are you with OHSS?