Monday, July 28, 2008


I know you are all waiting for part 4 of my story...but I'm afraid it will have to wait a little longer. This weekend was so busy...we had company on Saturday and Sunday we went to Pierogi Fest. I didn't get on the computer at all till now. Today was my first day of jury duty as no PC access during the day. I only logged on to quickly check some email (home and work) and post this short blurb. I promise to get the next part up tomorrow or Wednesday.

On the cycle front...continuing with the Lup0n far I don't feel any different. I go back to the RE's office on Thursday and should hopefully start stimming then.


Jendeis said...

Not to be an ass, but who cares about part 4 -- tell us about the Pierogi Fest! This sounds like the greatest. idea. ever. Um, fan of carbs here, hi!

Kate said...

We saw the article about the world's biggest Pierogi and my husband was so mad that he couldn't go!

Jen said...

Take your time! I know what it is like to be busy.

Anonymous said...

I am crossing arms, frowning and kicking my feet in my best two year old throws temper tantrum impression.

Yeah I know...its just as useless as when they do it. I suppose I can wait till Wednesday ;-)