Monday, July 14, 2008

Playing catch up

A few things:

1) I found out my tree was eaten by the Japanese Beetle. Yuck. My neighbors have had similar experiences with their trees (one went to water the tree and about 500 bugs flew off it) so our neighborhood H0me Dep0t has been wiped clean of traps. I managed to get one, my neighbor 2. DH put it on the fence yesterday, and by evening the bag was bulging with all the bugs inside. The good thing is the tree can come back...there are still green buds on the branches.

2) DH had a fabulous time at the race. The night of the race they had perfect weather as a cold front came through that afternoon. Temps were only in the 60s once the sun went down...and no humidity. He took LOTS of pics, but I haven't even looked at all of them yet. I know there are some pretty cool shots of the awesome sunset we had that night over the track.

3) TMI...I've again got mid-cycle spotting. Not enough to warrant a pantyliner even, but it's there when I use the bathroom. It's not red, but brown. This isn't fun.

4) I received a copy of the bloodwork that my PCP ordered for me on Saturday. My thyr0id antibodies were extremely high. Like 485, when normal is less than 100. My PCP only said to let my RE know. When I called the RE's office, they didn't seem concerned, but of course I had to consult Dr G00gle and found this article and immediately became concerned because I start Lupr0n next week for this cycle. I want to have every possible chance at a BFP, and now I find out 1 week before the start that I could have MORE issues than I already know I have?? Anyone have experience with thyr0id antibodies?


Jen said...

Take the article with you to the RE and see if they can explain it better.

I'm glad you found out what was eating your tree.

Anonymous said...

The article is 10 years old. I wouldn't worry to much because the info is out dated now. Still mention the findings to your RE and see what should, can, or if anything be done.

My mom has only 1/2 of her thyroid, was on meds in the 70's and has 3 of us. So don't think that this could result in a BFN! Remember...breathe!!!

Alexandra said...

I posted above but then also saw this post. Begging to differ with familyoftwo98, the information in the article you linked to hasn't been changed/challenged by anything more up-to-date. The key point in familyoftwo98's post, actually, is precisely that her mom was on meds -- thyroid problems are treatable but do need to be treated. Anyway, thought I'd post this down here (assuming you allow it) because I didn't want others to run across the posts or comments and get confused -- thyroid problems do need treatment and are treatable.

Sadly, I'd recommend (based on my own experience) not starting a treatment cycle until you get the thyroid stuff sorted out. It's just too risky (leading either to a failed cycle or to pregnancy with bad outcomes, such as miscarriage). I know that's not what you want to hear, but it really is that important.