Friday, July 18, 2008

My old endo to the rescue

I saw an endocrinologist way back in 2005 when I first learned that I had multi-nodular disease (oops, forgot to share that part with everyone) that causes a small goiter on my neck. Most people don't even notice the goiter, including me, but my PCP, whom I LOVE and would recommend to anyone, noticed right away. The endo back then sent me for a thyroid ultrasound and a test (which name escapes me) where they "dye" the thyroid and view it under an MRI (I think it was an MRI) machine. They said my thyroid was currently functioning correctly and I should just follow up. Well, back then, I wasn't interested in following up and never did.

So today, after calling 3 endos in my area and being told that the earliest I could be seen was mid-August, end of September and beginning of October respectively, I hunted down Dr J's phone number through my insurance website. When I called, the receptionist was sympathetic to my plight and said YES, YOU HAVE EVERY REASON TO BE CONCERNED! I now have an appointment on Monday at 2pm. I am breathing a little easier knowing I'm getting another opinion. My gut told me to go with what everyone who commented earlier said...and as much as I don't want to hold off this cycle, depending on what Dr J says, we may do just that.

Thank you again to gave me the courage to stand up and call Dr J.


Jen said...

Good! I am glad you are getting everything checked out. Good for standing up for yourself! I know that isn't easy.

Jennifer said...

I had elevated thyroid antibodies (due to hyperthyroid disease I've had for years now). My TSH was normal though with the use of thyroid meds when I started my IVF's. I think your thyroid is very important to a normally functioning body and normal hormone levels - it's very important to get that thyroid down to a manageable level before IVF. They recommend it be between 1 and 2. I think mine was just under 1 before my 1st IVF. I was able to stop my thryoid meds when I got pregnant (because I'm hyper, not hypo like you) and now I'm prego (29wks) my level is just over 1. Pregnancy tends to make people more HYPO, so you will probably need to be on synthroid or something similar during your pregnancy if that's what your DR recommends. Best of luck to you!