Monday, October 24, 2011


I posted about how I went for a mammogram last Thursday...I was just shy of my 35th birthday.  Got a letter in the mail today from the hospital that I need to contact my physician's office because I need further imaging.  Upon calling my PCP's office they had already written up an order for more testing...apparently I have a small density in my left breast that needs further evaluation.  I need to make another appointment with the imaging center.

I'm hoping it's nothing.  Or just a cyst.  If you're the praying type...please send one up for me? 


Mo and Will said...


i get called back every.single.time.

sorry you're having to deal with the extra stress.


Anonymous said...

Geez girl! I'll say a prayer for ya. I am sure it is nothing. I have a friend whose ENTIRE boob (both of them) are super full of fibroids and she gets called back every time too.

Big prayers and hugs.