Monday, October 3, 2011

And so it begins

AF arrived on Saturday...and with that I called it in to my RE.  I go on the 13th for an HSG, a pratice transfer and to return our consent forms.  Tomorrow, we have to get blood drawn for our infectious disease testing (this always makes me giggle for some reason...the wording, not the tests themselves).  BCP and prenatals are being called into my local pharmacy.  The nurse will call me later this week with actual dates, since they do ERs and ETs in batches.  IVF #4, our final attempt, has begun.


Stephanie said...

I am on the exact same cycle as you. AF started Saturday and I went for my sono today. I start BCP today and hubby and I have already done our blood work. Good luck to you!! This is our first IVF so I am very nervous!

Anonymous said...

Crossing all my crossables for you!