Friday, October 14, 2011

If I knew then...

I received my box o' drugs from the UPS man this morning.  If I knew then what I know now, we would have used my husband's HMO insurance back then.  As much as it's a pain to get referrals and approvals and such...I only paid $103 for all my meds.  Yep.  $50 co pay for the Lupron.  $50 co pay for the Endometrin and a $3 co pay for the antibiotic.  Nada for the F0llistim or men0pur.  Those were 100% covered by the insurance.  So any readers out there in mandated states...use the HMO's to your advantage!! 


I had my saline ultrasound done yesterday.  Holy cramping!  It wasn't fun.  But everything checked out.  So I'm happy about that. 


I'm surprisingly nervous about this cycle.  I mean, it's nothing new to us...we've done it before.  But I think that it being the last opportunity and having a brand new RE are making me a little anxious.  I start Lupron on Tuesday...I can't believe this is here already!


vphonegirl said...

Good luck! Your post reminded me of what is to come. We are starting our next round with FET in hopes of a second child. Your a little ahead of me, I won't start shots until November.

Jenn said...

and off you go!! Can't wait to follow this IVF with you, hoping for a little bundle of joy at the end!