Wednesday, October 19, 2011

IVF#4 postponement and Boobies

I felt like crap all day yesterday.  Constant headache and overall yucky feeling.  The news from the RE's office didn't help.  I'm so frustrated.  Pushing back this cycle meaning potentially having to pay another year's worth of premiums on this HMO.  Don't get me wrong...I'm happy to have insurance coverage and I know how lucky I am that I do...but paying for 2 medical plans is killing us financially!  My PCP, my GYN, Lexi's pedi, and DH's MFI doc are all part of my PPO network.  They don't take the HMO.  The only reason we took the HMO was for the IVF coverage.  I can't drop my PPO.  DH's job has a wacky enrollment period so coverage runs March 1st - March 1st.  So we have until February 29th to have a cycle completed...actually we don't even have that long since his enrollment period is sometime in January.  So if I'm not on the Janaury cycle...well, that means another year of HMO premiums. 

I guess I'm just mad that the RE didn't order the bloodwork after our first meeting in September.  I told him at that point that the only difference between my cycle with Lexi and the cycle I miscarried was that I was on thyroid meds with Lexi's cycle.  I told him I wanted my TSH level tested at that time.  I just feel that if it had been tested in September that I would have had a few additional weeks to get on thyroid meds...and maybe make the December cycle.  December isn't even a chance at this point.  January is a glimmer.  I'm holding out hope for January.

I have an appointment on Friday with the hopefully she won't require MORE bloodwork and will accept the results from the test I just had. 

Oh and can I complain just a smidge about how LONG it takes to get an appointment??!!  I must have called 10 places...each telling me that they are scheduling out to December and January!!  Luckily, this Endo dedicates Fridays to seeing new patients and catching up on paperwork.  So she doesn't see returning patients and I was able to get in this week!!  Sheesh!


I had my first mammogram this morning.  My birthday is Saturday and I turn 35.  Not old...but a recent announcement by a famous TV host made me really think.  She's only 36.  A year older than I.  She's done IVF.  I've done 3.  I know there are no proven studies that show people who do IVF are more prone to cancer, but I can't help but think that all these hormones I pump into my body can't be all that great for me.  The lengths we go to...

Anyway, off topic.  Mammograms are not very comfortable.  In fact, mine downright was painful.  Being squished like a pancake was not fun.  I know it's all in the name of prevention and early detection...but you'd think with all the advances in technology, they'd come up with a better way to do these.  Anyway, I should have my results in a week.

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