Friday, October 21, 2011


I saw my endocrinologist today.  It's not official but I most likely have Hashimoto's.  And it's most likely the cause of my miscarriage last year.  My TSH level was 5.6.  Normal is around 1.5 - 1.8.   I'm to start on a high dose of Levothyroxin immediately.  Repeat bloodwork in 4 appointment December 1st.  I also have to have an ultrasound of my thyroid done.


I don't know what to think right now.  The fact that I may not have miscarried last fall had I been taking thyroid meds is a little overwhelming right now.  Something so "simple" to treat.  And I didn't.  I remember telling my RE at the time that I wasn't taking any thyroid meds...and I thought they found me to be "within normal" ranges...but I found out today that your TSH level can be within "normal" ranges and there still be an issue...because apparently your pituitary gland helps compensate for when your thyroid is lacking.  Brings the grief to the forefront again.


Tomorrow is my 35th birthday. 



Jenn said...

oh wow, that would deffinatlly bring up the grief and questioning everything. I'm so sorry, but hopefully they can get things under control and figure out the best way for you to move forward...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (not that celebrating is very easy right now)

Mo and Will said...

so glad you've found out what's wrong so you can address it. i hate tho that it's throwing you a curve ball re: the miscarriage last year. i want to add another voice to the confusion - which is although i'm sure the dr is right and it could have been an undetected thyroid problem (altho how in the world are you supposed to know that if the levels are normal?!), chromosomal issues are also VERY common. i can't remember if you had your m/c tested for that or not...

did your dr. say anything about how one detects a thyroid problem if the pituitary is compensating for it? is that EVER caught if it's going on?

glad tho that you can address this now before you cycle again and wishing you that the next cycle is the last, because it's successful!



ps - thanks for stopping by my blog. i too found it comforting that we were living parallel situations last year. made me feel less alone : )

missohkay said...

The what-ifs are so difficult. I hope you have a happy birthday!

JJ said...

So, so sorry Amy - how frustrating!

Im sending you extra big birthday hugs.