Wednesday, October 5, 2011

IVF #4 schedule

Got my schedule for this cycle.  I've never done IVF at a clinic that does "batches" so this is new to me.  I'm already on bcp and prenatals...

Lupron starts October 18th
Baseline appointment - November 2nd (lets hope that any cysts I may have shrink before then!)
Start stims - November 4th (if all is ok with my baseline)
Monitoring appointments - November 9th, 11th and 13th
ER - Week of November 14th (depends on how many days I stim)
ET - 3 days later.

If I follow all my previous cycles...and stim for 12 days...November 16th looks like ER.  Another Wednesday.  My past 2 ER's have been on Wednesdays.  Which means another Saturday ET.  I know where that puts me for an EDD.  But I don't want to think that far ahead.  I don't want to jinx anything. 

Now I wait for the pharmacy to call to confirm the drugs and give me the amount due.  I'm petrified it's going to be some crazy amount.  I hope it's not.

I'll be on Follistim and Menopur again.  And Ovidrel for trigger.  This RE only does PIO after ER up until ET...then he does vaginal suppositories 3x a day.  I guess it's both a good and bad thing.  No 2 inch needles every night...but must deal with the discharge from the suppository.  Just breathe...


In other news.  Lexi had her first dentist appointment today.  We've been prepping her for a few weeks now...showing her how to open her mouth wide and pretending to count her teeth.  She was actually excited to go and readily hopped into the chair.  She did EXCELLENT.  She even let the dentist do a cleaning and floride treatment on her.  No squirmies.  I think the cleaning went so well because Lexi has a Tigger spin brush that she I told her that it would be just like using the Tigger toothbrush.  She was awesome.  As usual. 


Holy crap...I just got a phone call from the insurance confirming my prescriptions!  The nurse just called them in about an hour about fast service.  The pharmacy themselves has to give me the co pay amounts...and I should hear from them either later today or tomorrow.  They are shipping the drugs for delivery on FRIDAY!  OMG!!  Breathe....breathe...breathe....


Stephanie said...

Be extremely grateful for your IVF coverage if you have it. My IVF drugs were $2800. I am still waiting to hear if my insurance will cover the procedure. The doctor had to send over my records so they can decide whether it's medically necessary or not. I am on pins and needles here! Good luck! I have my fingers crossed for you!

Tati said...

So so excited for you!

andrea said...


Delenn said...

Wishing you happy cycle! :-)