Thursday, January 13, 2011

Potty Training here I come

Warning...this post is riddled with bodily functions and references to excrement. Read at your own risk. You have been warned.

Last night Lexi was still napping when I got home, but woke up shortly after. As I've mentioned before, we aren't full on potty training Lexi...but will take her occasionally. When she woke up, I took her to the potty. She sat down and we started looking at the books that are kept in the bathroom. 10 minutes into it, I asked her if she was done...knowing that she didn't do anything. She shook her head "no", so we stayed. 5 minutes later I asked again...and again, she shook her head "no". So we stayed. Shortly after that her face got bright red...and I knew she was going to poo. Sure enough, one long turd came out. We clapped and hoorayed...and I asked her again if she was done. She again said "no"...then MORE poo started to come out and as she's going she's pointing between her legs as if to say "See mom, I told you I wasn't done".

She ended up standing up and signing "All done" to me when she was done. The load she left in her potty was HUGE! I guess she is starting to understand and know when she has to go, since she told me 3 times she wasn't done. It may be time to invest in training pants and pull ups.


Pookey and Me,,, said...

Go Lexi! Uhm...not in the literal sense. LOL

sonja said...

Amy, I didn't know that about Beechnut! They sent me a ton of coupons for 25 free jars so I'm in the process of using them up and also a huge stack of $1 off coupons. Is there a limit to how many coupons they will send for labels?

Liz Self said...

Congrats!!! We're about 80-90% into this at our house, and poops are especially heralded. Great job, Lexi!

JJ said...

Thats awesome! Tell her to come teach Oman :)