Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not TOO much going on

I know I've been MIA...chalk it up to a busy workweek and me deciding to take an unplanned haitus from blogging. I was off on the 17th for MLK Day...so I spent it with Lexi. We hung out at the mall, playing in the play area, looking at the puppies, eating pizza and just people watching. It was the BEST day. We also purchased cloth training pants...since Lexi has been ubber successful on the potty some days. Other days, not so much. But to stress, we aren't forcing the issue. Just letting her dictate the pace.

She starts speech therapy on Thursday. I'm VERY excited about this...but I have a feeling the ST will look at me like I'm nuts, since Lexi's vocabulary has been exploding the last few weeks. She now says: Up, Down, Mama, Dada, Maya (cat's name), Mo (more), Op (open), pease (please), uh oh, No, Elp (help)...along with the signs she knows.

I've also started exploring preschools. For 2012 - 2013. Don't laugh. The 2011-2012 preschool program in our school district is already full. So we're on the priority list for 2012. The good thing is, because she's getting EI services, she gets priority...on top of our residency priority. Can't believe I'm already thinking about schools...it's just too soon!


Pookey and Me,,, said...

Wait until your looking at the once 9lb 5 oz baby who calls you and texts you and says "I'm in DC for my 8th grade school trip" You will really wonder where the time went!!!

Jamie said...

It sounded like the perfect Mommy/daughter day!

I've been looking into Mother's Day Outs and they all schedule like a school year and even refer to it like it's a school. FREAKS ME OUT.