Monday, January 10, 2011

21 months old

Dearest Lexi,

You are 21 months old. No longer a baby...but a full fledged little girl. My little diva.

Your personality is fully rooted. Words like shy and reserved are NOT used to describe you. You are outgoing and fun, running up to play with other kids...even if they are 3x your age. You know what you want and are not afraid to reach out and get it. A trait I hope you never lose.

Why do I call you my Diva? Because you HATE to be dirty. Anytime you have anything on your hands, you "give" me your hand to wipe...even if what's there is only visible to you. You MUST have a napkin at mealtime...and you will use it appropriately. You also get upset if what you picked out to wear isn't what mommy puts on you!

Your skills fascinate me everyday. Your ability to brush your teeth and hair amaze me. You're learning how to put your tops on...and can mostly get your pants on. Socks are are still hard. Your hat is always on your head, but you still need help with your coat, although at times you don't want my help.

You've started using more words as well. Besides the "up" that you've had for awhile and the "down" that you used've added "Maya", grandma's cat's name. "No" (said in the littlest voice) "Uh-Oh". "Pease" (for please) "Dada" and the one I've been waiting for..."Mama". A few years ago, I thought I'd never hear a little voice call me "Mama"...and now, here you are...calling "MAAAMAAA" when you don't see me. It melts my heart everytime.

You're combining signs with your "Pease"...such as the sign for "More" and saying "Pease". I love it that you are starting to communicate what your wishes are. You also have started nodding your head "Yes" more. I especially like when I ask if it's "Sleepy Time" and you nod "Yes".

Oh Baby Girl...I know you're not a baby anymore...and I'm so happy, yet so sad about that. You are growing up faster than I ever imagined you would. You'll always be my baby girl. I love you to the moon and back...infinity.



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Anonymous said...

That means Miles is right around the corner! Happy un-birthday Lexi!