Friday, January 28, 2011

First session

So I didn't go all crazy cleaning yesterday...I did vacuum the family room, since I figured the ST would sit on the floor with Lexi (she did) and shovelled the walk since we got a good amount of snow yesterday. But that's really it.

The session went well. Lexi saw the big roller bag Carrie (the ST) brought and was all about checking it out. One thing my girl is NOT is shy. My mom and I sat amazed that Lexi said everything that Carrie asked her to. OK...not necessarily enunciated properly...but we heard Lexi's version of My Turn, Ball In, More Please, Ball Please, Cow, Pig, I Fall and a few others I can't remember. I told Carrie that we NEVER hear these things from her. Carrie explained that most likely we are hearing them, but when presented with it out of context, we don't understand her. It was easy to hear Lexi's "My Turn" when Carrie prompted her to say it and we knew that is what she was expected to say. It made sense.

We are to work with her on 2 word phrases...My Turn, More Please etc and mimmick her words back to her so she can hear what she sounds like.

All in all I was pleased as punch. Carrie doesn't think this will be a long term relationship, which makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

Pleased as punch. I thought I was the only one who said that!

YAY Lexi! Glad she is saying more than you thought. You just needed a baby interpreter. :-)

Delenn said...

Glad it went well!! :-)

Liz Self said...

Sounds great! Glad it went well -- she's getting help, but won't need it for too long :)