Saturday, June 5, 2010

Night One

Last night was the first night of the "tough love" we were supposed to "inflict" on Lexi. And I'll was H.A.R.D. She went down at about 7:45 (which was hard in of itself since she was overtirred) and woke at 11pm. I let her cry for 5 minutes before I went in with a bottle of water. I DID pick her up and sit with her in the rocker and offered the water, which she threw on the floor. We rocked for about 10 minutes and I told her that Mommy was going to sleep, her baba was going to sleep, and that Lexi needed to go to sleep...into the crib and cue screaming. I told her she was ok and that I loved her, and I walked out of the room. I let her cry (ok, scream) for about 15 minutes and went back in only to find she had thrown all her lovies on the floor. I picked up all the lovies and put them on her changing table, with the exception of Tigger, that I did give back to her. Told her she was fine...mommy needed to sleep, baba needed to sleep, she needed to sleep, mommy loved her and left again. Cue screaming.

At this point I REALLY wanted to give her a bottle of milk and go to bed...but I laid in bed listening to her cry...and about 20 minutes later (just before midnight) it got quiet. Music to my ears. She did wake up again at about 12:45, cried for 10 minutes (I didn't even get up) before giving up and going back to sleep...and get this...she SLEPT TILL 7AM!

It was brutal to listen to over an hour of screaming...wanting to cry myself (hubby wasn't home...lucky him), but I know it's what's best for her. Hopefully, it won't take an hour of crying tonight...but if it does, I'm prepared to deal with it. I think.


Amanda said...


I know how hard it can be and you did such a wonderful job! You both did!

It will get better. There will be some nights that go beautifully and some nights that make you want to drink heavily, but it will get better.


Alyssa said...

That is awesome!!!

If she does great, and then one day in two weeks reverts back, dont worry, it's normal.

Photogrl said...

I'm really proud of you!

It's so hard to hear them upset, and not go right away and comfort them.

You did the right thing by calling the pedi and getting an appointment. Hopefully, the tough love will get easier on both of you after a couple of days.

You're doing great!


Jen said...

I went through the same thing. It only took a week with the first 2 days being awful. Even now, if we have a setback, I never pick them up, I just lean over and rub their backs and tell them mama's here... unless they are obviously crazy paniced for some reason. Good luck.. .it will work. Kids will never starve themselves, you'll get her back to "normal" in no time!!

Oh, and it gets worse when she's 2. LOL

CourtneyRä¿Š said...
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