Monday, June 14, 2010


My mom had told me about a week ago that she wouldn't be able to watch Lexi this week...and my sister, who is a teacher, couldn't watch her today, but can the rest of the week. So I had a predicament...solved by my company's backup childcare plan. We get 20 days a year...10 are free and 10 are $15. It's at a Bright Horiz0ns I signed her up.

I was nervous walking her over there...this is the first time that she is with people she doesn't know. I thought for sure there would be tears. When we walked in, I took Lexi to the "infant/toddler" classroom and she was off. There were 2 kids there already and they expected 2 more for the day (5 kids total)...but all the new TOYS. O.M.G. She must have thought she was in heaven. I honestly don't even think she realized I left. She was too busy investigating all the new things.

I hope the rest of her day is as enjoyable for her...I might stop over there at lunch to "peek" in on her. I don't want her to see me (think that would make it harder to leave) but would like to see how she interacts with the new environment.

Now I just have to quell my tears and know that she's being taken good care of.


Anonymous said...

backup childcare? SUPER AWESOME!

Photogrl said...

Very cool that you have the option of backup childcare!

Isn't it crazy how changes are often harder on US than them!?!

玫友 said...
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溫淑芬 said...
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