Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm worried

Sorry I've been MIA...just haven't felt much like blogging. I'm worried about Lexi. As I've mentioned before, she's been having poop issues...and we've pretty much resolved it with the introduction of Miralax. And I thought that once the poop issues were resolved, then her other issues would resolve themselves. But they aren't. I haven't talked much about the issues we're having, so here goes.

Lexi can't eat. What I mean by that is she still can't eat most table food. She is unable to swallow it and anything we give her usually ends up squirreled away in her cheeks or she chokes on it. We're not talking about hot dogs and hamburgers here...but simple things like mac n cheese, or spaghetti o's.

Lexi won't eat. She is refusing even the baby food she used to devour. She pushes the spoon away before she even tastes what's on it. She used to eat 3 jars of food a day. Now, I'm lucky if I can manage to get her to eat one. And even in that one, I have to "trick" her. The one thing she WILL eat is sliced cheese. So I've resorted to putting a tiny piece of cheese on top of a spoonful of baby food to try to get her to eat it. That only works for maybe a few spoonfuls. She used to eat strawberries and, she throws them on the floor. The Danonino yogurts she'd eat? Pushed away (though she did eat one this weekend! YAY!). She will eat a popsicle...but she can't live on those.

Lexi isn't sleeping through the night. No big deal if she was getting up once and going back to bed. But that's not what is happening. Case in point...Monday night. In bed at 7:30pm. Wake up at 10:30pm...drink 4 ozs of milk...refuse to go back to bed by screaming her head off when her feet hit the crib mattress....sit in mommy's bed until midnight, when daddy finally gives her another 4 ozs of milk and she falls asleep...wake up at 3:20am...drink 8ozs of milk and go back to bed. Last night was the same...asleep by 8:30pm...wake at 11:30pm...drink 5 ozs, refuse to go back to sleep until after 1am. This has been going on for MONTHS.

Lexi doesn't talk. Sure, she babbles...and we've learned to pick out what certain sounds mean, but there are no real words. She does say "Mam" but she calls DH "Mam" as well. So I don't know if she is really meaning "mom" or not. "Up" is just "puh". Sure, I understand her...but it became very evident to me this weekend, that my understanding her, doesn't mean she talks.

Lexi has another disturbing behavior that concerns, OK, frightens, me. And I've been the only witness to this except one time when DH saw it. When she gets really angry...she tends to "hurt" herself. She will hit herself in the face or pull hard on her lip or hit herself in the chest...and one time (the time DH saw it) she ripped a clump of hair out of her head. I mean a BIG left a big red bald spot on her scalp. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it shocks me every time.

One of these things by itself wouldn't be overly concerning to me, as I know each child develops at their own pace. But everything lumped together, the digression of eating and sleeping....well, it's got me down right scared for her. I've called her pedi and am waiting to hear back from the nurse. I want to get her evaluated...but I don't know where to start. Maybe I'm worrying over nothing? I've been pretty easygoing when it's come to Lexi and her development. Not comparing her to other kids her age. But at this point, I really feel that kids YOUNGER than her are starting to pass her...and THAT concerns me.

Please tell me that all this is normal...that it's no big deal. I'm so perplexed...and concerned for her.

***UPDATED TO ADD*** Heard back from the nurse...she wants Lexi to see the pedi. Appointment is Friday at 9am.


Alyssa said...

In all honesty, if you are concerned and your mothering instincts are telling you to be concerned, then call a pediatrician.

We were concerened over Hailey (8 months now, wasn't eating or rolling or even reaching for toys a while back), so we called the doc.

Things are much better now, but having it checked out made me feel much better.

Amanda said...

I'd definitely get her checked out as far as the not eating issues goes. That sounds a little distressing to me.

The not sleeping through the night? Trip didn't start sleeping through the night until he started eating a good solid diet. He even still has his nights (as in all this week) where he wants to get up and sit with me for a while. The doctors aren't concerned with it since he's cutting his canine teeth and seems to have some reflux issues.

The not talking? At 13 months all we had from Trip was the occasional "Ma" or "Da" and it was RARELY used in proper context. At almost 18 months we still have very little language, but it's still not a huge concern. Some kids just develop their language at a slower pace. The doctors told me as long as he has a few words by 18 months, we're good and as long as he can make simple sentences (what's that) by 2, we're good.

The self destructive thing? Trip had that in spades!!!! He'd get mad about the tiniest little things and pull his hair our or bite his arm or throw his head against the ground. It took me a while to figure out where the "fuzz" was coming from after he'd throw a fit until I saw him actually pulling his hair. He grew out of it, though. He still throws fits, but it's more the classic throw-yourself-on-the-ground-while-screaming type, now.

Oh yeah, and Trip is on miralax like Lexi.

Sorry for all the assvice, but it seems like Lexi and Trip have a lot on common so I thought this might be of some comfort. I hope the doctors are able to help you help her eat more and give you some piece of mind!!

Denise said...

Definitely see the pediatrician, even if it is just to put your mind at ease. I don't know if you've been reading my blog, but both ours have had eating issues since about 12 months old. We're doing the best we can with it, but it helps to know you're working with professionals even if they don't have all the answers (hence my comment about seeing the pediatrician).

I would ask the pediatrician about reflux as this could have something to do with her eating issues (painful to swallow) and the night wake ups.

I've also heard many stories of little ones hurting themselves purposefully as just a way to deal with their frustration and not knowing how else to express it.

I'm no expert, but I feel for you and I hope the pediatrician can help.

佐漢 said...
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Anonymous said...

If Mommy Instincts say something is wrong, then do what Mommy thinks!

Glad you got an appointment. I had no idea she was having these issues. Big hugs to you. Please keep us updated on the appointment.