Thursday, June 10, 2010

14 months in photos

Dearest Lexi,

Happy 14 months sweet girl!

Mommy just LOVES your smile!

And you love your car!

Just like this's SO you!

You love spaghetti...and will gladly eat it.

Yum Yum Yum!

You went to the zoo for the first time and saw the lions!

And got to brush a goat!

and just fool around with Daddy!

The zoo wore you out!

You also got your first boo boo while playing outside with grandma!

It looks worse than it didn't even cry!

You're learning to use your spoon...but it's still messy!

And you LOVE popsicles! They are your favorite dessert.

See the cheezy grin.

You went to your first drive in movie...and watched Shrek 4, but you were more interested in the doggies that were there!

But you learned to drink from a straw that night! And have been doing great ever since.

You love to swim in your pool with your "brother"

We love you SO much!


Jamie said...

That popsicle grin is priceless! It would be a struggle not to give her a popsicle whenever she wanted one.

Photogrl said...

What a busy month filled with lots of fun!

Yay for using a spoon, a straw, and loving popsicles!

renew said...
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Mel said...

Happy 14 months! I love that car! And popsicles? What a great idea. We haven't done that yet!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little girl. Love the curls!