Monday, June 21, 2010

2 weeks in...

and she's STILL sleeping through the night every night. Unreal. She's a little more clingy during the day, but that could be the molars that are threatening to break through anyday now. She's still not eating as much as she used to, but she's at least eating. Her faves have been mac n cheese (I know, oh SO nutritious) and cheese slices. But it's food. We're down to less than 24 ozs of milk a day...usually around 20 - 22 ozs. And she drinks about 8oz of juice and 8oz of water depending on the day. We fill her sippy cup with juice in the morning and she carries it around with her. When it's empty we fill it with water.

I am still in disbelief that it only took 2 nights of crying...I still have to ask DH sometimes if he got up with her. It's that dramatic of a difference.

On another note, Father's Day was great. Lexi bought her daddy a Stanley Cup Hawks jersey (we ordered it before they won) and a frame that says "Dad's Little Monkey". DH calls Lexi "monkey" all the time...and has since she was born. It was quite fitting. We had my parents and his parents over for dinner and play time with Lexi. She throughly enjoyed herself.

I'm SO grateful to the man I married for sticking by me through everything we've been through...job losses, infertility, homelessness (for 2 months), moves, and my utter depression after our first failed IVF. I could not have made it through without him. He truly is my better half. And a wonderful daddy to our miracle daughter. I love watching him with her and how she looks up at him with wonder in her eyes.

I know I don't show him enough just how much I love him.

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