Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ICLW Baseball!

Didn't sign up for ICLW this month, but thought I'd play along with Kym's game.

Here's what to do if you want to play ICLW Baseball:

1. Copy these instructions and post them on your blog.

2. Answer the Base Questions.

3. Find other participating bloggers who have the same answers you do. Find at least one blogger for each base and link back to them in your baseball post. You may find more than one blogger with common answers for each post base. Your post will be a work in progress. Get YOUR base answers up ASAP, then go back often to edit and add the links of bloggers who share answers with you!

4. Once your base answers are up, go to I'm a Smart One/Kymberli's blog and add your baseball post hyperlink to the list. Kym's blog is home base; check the list to find the other players.

Here are my base answers:

1st - Coke
2nd - Famous Dave's
3rd - October shared with Kim
4th - Toy Story

What are your answers?


Suzy said...

mmmm.....Famous Dave's! Love that place too!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY!! I <3 me some Famous Daves!!!
No matches with you though. :( Does NO ONE have an april b'day?

Mrs Dreamer said...

Boo - no matches. Of course, I'm down with the Coke as well.
Yay! - Famous Dave's

Anonymous said...

YAY October!

P.S. What is Famous Dave's and why is everyone carrying on about it? :-)