Monday, December 13, 2010

Seeing Red - TMI Post (Feel free to skip)

Humiliated...that's how I'm feeling right now. I got to work about 8:30 this morning and promptly had to pee...well, when I went to use the ladies room, I found that my feminine hygiene product did not to it's job and I was literally seeing red. My underwear were unwearable and my pants (thank goodness I wore the black ones today) were also wet. I had to toss the undergarments in the trash! I wanted to cry!! Obviously being at work, I had no change of clothes, and the Lane Bryant didn't open until 9:30! I was so uncomfortable and embarrassed going into the store. They changed their sizing and I wasn't 100% sure what size I would be. The lady told me to go try on the pants...and didn't understand why I kept telling her I couldn't...being that I wasn't wearing any underwear and all. Luckily, one of the other sales women picked up on my uncomfortableness and resistance to trying on the pants and saved me. She told me "it's happened to me" and to gather what I needed from the lingerie department...and allowed me to use their restroom...then showed me to the fitting room so that I could finally try on the pants.

I've never had this happen to me to this extent. I mean I've "leaked" before...but never like this. I've been going through "products" every 2 hours. I hope this isn't a new normal.


Liz Self said...

I don't remember what my first cycle was like after my m/c, but I know that your body is still figuring things out. If it doesn't abate after too long, I would call you OB/GYN to ask about this "new normal." Hugs!

Shelli said...

Poor thing! This happened to me after one after a d&c as well. Mine at a party in the summer (yeah, fun).

It's not the new normal, but I can tell you from experience the unusual AF lasted two cycles post d&c for me. Every time.

not a memorable day, I know.

Amanda said...

Insult on top of injury for sure. I'm so sorry. Thank God for the understanding sales woman!!!

It shouldn't be your new normal. (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

No experience here, but I sure hope it's not the new normal.

Bless your heart.

Mel said...

You poor dear! I totally had this situation happen a handful of times in my life. The last one was after I'd had my hysteroscopy (VERY similar to a D&C) and sadly I was wearing my favorite, most expensive khaki slacks at work. It wasn't until the end of a FULL STAFF meeting that I began to realize what was happening and I had to figure out how the HELL I was going to get the heck out of dodge... because really, if I just excused myself? Everyone would watch me leave and if I waited until the end of the meeting, I could try to sneak out in the pack. It was just horrible. To this day, I have no idea if anyone noticed or not. My office was too prim for anyone to EVER have said a word about it to me.

Most humiliating day ever. For sure.

That cycle was awful. It was probably 7-10 days and pretty heavy at first.

I'm sending you hugs and love!

Michelle said...

God Bless the understanding sales lady! You should call a corporate office & give her kudos!