Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What color are you?

So I took THIS QUIZ today. Not because I'm in the market for a new roof...but because I was bored and it killed 5 minutes. But the results were interesting.

My color is is what it says about me:

People who prefer this most neutral of all shades are carefully neutral about life. You like to protect yourself from the hectic world, wrapping yourself in the security blanket of a noncommittal color. You prefer a secure, safe, balanced existence, and so, unlike the reds in life, you never crave real excitement, just contentment. It is important for you to maintain status quo.

You often make compromises in your lifestyle. You are practical and calm and do not like to attract attention. You are willing to work hard (the gray flannel suit) and to be of service. You are the middle-of-the-road type - cool, conservative, composed, and reliable. You are the solid rock of whom others rely. If this makes you feel a little boring, the consolation is that you often use a splash of color to make some sort of statement. So you really aren't all that dull!

Interesting...sounds like me.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know you're not dull!