Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sorry everyone...had to turn back on the comment moderation. Getting too many Chinese spam comments.

Lexi's feeding evaluation was Thursday. Long story short...she is where she should be as far as motor skills. The therapist felt that we need to keep offering her different foods and eat with her exaggerating our chewing. She also suggested that we take Lexi off whole milk and use a lactose free milk. Since Thursday evening she's been getting nothing but Almond milk...and I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but she slept 12 hours straight Thursday night and last night.

As far as the speech, yes, she has no words, but the therapist felt that based on the vocalizations she does make that she's on the right track. She asked that we come back next month to see where Lexi is at.

We were there for 2 hours. And while we didn't "find" anything...I received alot of great information and tips. The therapists were awesome...very nice. I'm happy that I took her. I look forward to following up again next month.

In other news. We head to Wisc0nsin Dells tomorrow for 2 days of waterpark fun. Can't wait!


Erin said...

Do they suspect her to be lactose intolerant??

Amanda said...

I'm glad things went well with her evaluations. I hope the info you got helps you!!!

Have fun!!!

Denise said...

That's great news, Amy! Hopefully it is just a stage and with some of the tips, she'll fly right through it. Have fun at the Dells!

Jamie said...

I hope you make some progress with the information/tips from the therapist.

We are sort of in the same place with Skeeter right now. He is 10 months old and just won't eat anything he has to chew except mac & cheese and graham crackers. His favorite baby foods are banannas and apples but he won't eat a real banana or diced apples. I keep trying to introduce him to different foods, different textures, different ways of eating things everyday but I'll tell you, it gets a little frustrating to go through so much trouble to make a kid a meal knowing he's not going to eat it. Not only 'not eat it' but start throwing it so then I have to pick it up off the floor.

kimbosue said...

Glad you got lots of good info and glad there was nothing overtly wrong.

Why the milk switch? Are they assuming that she is lactose intolerant?

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