Sunday, August 16, 2009

On this day, 1 year ago

my baby was transferred back to me from her home in the petri dish. I remember the drive to the RE's office. We still thought we had 4 embryos growing. It was a clear, sunny day. I remember looking up at the clouds and "talking" to my grandma*. I remember asking her to please watch over my little embies, and that if she had any pull with the Man upstairs, to please ask Him to "help us out".

When we arrived at the RE's, we found out that 3 of our 4 embies had arrested during the night, and we had only 1 survivor. My DH was visibly upset, but I was strangely ok with it. I remember feeling eerily at peace and optimistic. When they transferred that embie back to me, I remember saying to DH, "I'm pregnant until proven otherwise".

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Jen said...

You only needed that one good one this time. :)