Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lexi had her first fever Tuesday night and yesterday. I'm sure it was a reaction to all the shots she received. She was a little cranky Tuesday and clingy, which I expected. Around 10:30pm she started to cry, and when we picked her up, she felt warm, but she went back to sleep almost immediately. Around 1am she woke again, this time she felt really warm. Took her temp...102.8. Needless to say, she was miserable. We had given her Tylen0l around 5pm Tuesday...and we gave it again to her at the 1am wakeup. Yesterday her temp hovered around 101, but finally went below 100.4 (high normal rectal temp) and was at 99.9 before bathtime last night.

I stayed home from work yesterday to be with her. I felt guilty leaving her today to come to work. All my thoughts are with her every second I'm away from her...and I'm afraid my work is going to start suffering. I REALLY need to find some kind of balance...but all I want to do is stay home with her...


Samantha said...

Hey Amy,

I know how hard it can be to leave a little one at home. Do you work full time? Not sure what your budget or home life is like, would a part-time position work for you.

I will pray that God will give you a peace in your heart when you go to work, that Lexi's in good hands and that the days will fly by!

I constantly keep pics of Charlie around me to keep me company and remind me of just how precious he is to me when I can't see him all the time!


KimboSue said...

Oh no! Hope it was just a reaction to the shots and will be over soon (if it isn't already, I am late in reading this)